About The SEO Company

Our SEO Strategy: Build targeted, relevant traffic to drive your business.

The SEO Company began in 2002 when its founder, Cesar Giraldo, realized that the best way to earn money for travel was through the WWW. At that time, few organizations worked with SEO. (It was one of those top-secret tactics!)


Now full-time SEO consultants, part-time travelers, our strength and focus are how we personalize the SEO experience, working with select organizations, people, and products to improve their business through increased website visibility.


We are a bi-national company that passes its time between New York City, the alpine deserts of Carson City, Nevada, and the Colombian Coffee Region (Pereira, Colombia), working with organizations around the world in both English and Spanish.


Cesar Giraldo

Entrepreneur and backpacker-at-heart, Cesar began working in SEO over 20 years ago to position his own websites, so he could travel more. Successful, he decided this could work on a professional level, landing online universities in Barcelona, international organizations, and small and medium-sized businesses who wished to position their services, products, and/or organization on international, national and local levels. He’s in charge of the architecture and technical aspects of SEO. He’s worked with everyone from million-dollar international organizations to private scuba companies in the Galapagos Islands.

Heidi Ayarbe

An award-winning writer, Heidi works with clients to create content for websites, according to their tone, style, and needs. Users spend an average of less than six seconds on a website’s written content. This means your content has to be sharp, relevant, research-based, informative, STRATEGIC, and unique to generate followers to return to your site week after week. She’s in charge of creating content to help you build trust and authority, establishing a loyal base of engaged customers.

Bibiana LLano

Our social media guru works to keep websites, blogs, and newsletters present in the most relevant social media sites: Instagram, Facebook and more. She keeps the conversation going and clients clicking back to your Website.

John Ospino

John Ospino is the master of web design and computer programming. He works to keep sites up-to-date, prioritizing needs, working with all the most popular platforms to make sure each website looks great in every format.  Juggling creative work and technicalities, he keeps the websites running without a hiccup.

Together, they have over 35 years combined experience working with clients from organizations of all sizes from  all over the world.

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