How does SEO work?

"The best place to hide a body is the second page of Google search." -- Anonymous

Search Engine Optimization Process:

The SEO Company’s mission is to help companies, organizations, businesses, and products succeed by increasing relevant, targeted traffic to their website.


A website is a window into an organization’s credibility. Our team of experts helps you build that much-needed credibility. Here are some fast facts about the importance of a good website and SEO:


  • It takes 50 milliseconds for someone to form an opinion about your website, in turn business.
  • The world has gone Smart Phone. And if your website doesn’t look as good (or better)on a mobile device, you turn off users. A responsive web design is critical for SEO considering 63% of all retail visits happen from a SmartPhone.
  • Engaging content and design will determine the time a user spends on a website and returns to the same site. These factors increase a site’s positioning in search engines.
  • Users simply will not return to a website after a bad experience. This is pretty broad, but it can include everything from the loading time of the images on a page (maximum 2 seconds!) to bad information. The user experience is never separate from the page design and content.

In some cases the original site might have to go through significant transformations to get ranked, while other sites might just need some backstage work that is imperceptible on the page.

The following are the steps we take in the optimization process of websites in the top search engines:

RESEARCH, AUDIT, ANALYSIS (approximately 2 – 3 weeks):

  1. Identify and research keywords and phrases to produce optimal results.
  2. Review Website performance through analytics tools (client history and current status).
  3. Review link profile – incoming links (toxic or reputable)
  4. Site audit: speed, URL structure, internal linking, meta tags and content.


  1. Website redesign recommendations (including new pages and content analysis)
  2. Competitor research
  3. Code overhaul
  4. Link renewal and disavowal (disavowing toxic links and backlinks)
  5. Directories

ONGOING WORK (18 months)

  1. Content optimization: meta tags, meta titles and key words in new content (written by us or edited/coached)
  2. Link monitoring
  3. Analytics – constant.
  4. Reporting visitors/ranking/inbound links.
  5. Strategies/tactics/services to help drive traffic.
  6. Writing copy for ad words or other services client might want to hire

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